Labia improvement (labiaplasty)


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All our cosmetic surgery is performed by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Chris Dunkin who has more than 10 years experience delivering high quality, high value, clinical solutions to women and men of all ages.

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What is Labia improvement (labiaplasty)?

Enlarged labia or "lips" are a problem for some women. They can be uncomfortable or sore, particularly in the gym or on a bike, visible in underwear or tight clothing or some women just don't like them. The labia minora (inner lips) are most often affected. The labia majora (outer lips) can also be improved. Television programmes like Channel 4's Embarassing Bodies have highlighted the problem and shown more women that there is a solution.

Labiaplasty is a procedure to improve the size and shape of your labia. The most common request is a labial reduction. This is a short procedure, usually with you asleep and you may go home the same day or stay overnight. You can get back to all your normal activities as soon as you feel comfortable and because we use dissolving stitches there are no stiches to remove. We like to see you for a check up after a week and a few weeks later to ensure everything has settled down.

We do not commonly see problems after labiaplasty but we will talk to you in detail about the procedure and potential problems at your consultation. Most of our patients are delighted with the outcome of their surgery and wonder why they left it so long before seeking advice.

Paying for treatment

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